Forensic Accounting Services in Massachusetts - Cataldo CPA

Denise has served as a expert consultant in a variety of litigation matters including business litigation and family law matters.  Licensed in Massachusetts as a Certified Public Accountant and Forensic Certified Public Accountant,  her concentration in litigation support services coupled with over 25 years of wide ranging accounting tax and business consulting, enable her to provide effective, thorough and objective analysis of matters.

Forensic accounting services include:

Litigation Support

  1. Trial exhibit preparation
  2. Interrogatory and discovery request
  3. Deposition assistance
  4. Court testimony
  5. Examination of relevant documents

Investigative Accounting

  1. Examination of relevant documents
  2. Coordinate with other experts such as cyber security or valuation experts
  3. Assist with protection or recovery of assets.

The need for a forensic accountant applies to businesses as well as to individuals.  Some typical reasons are:

  1. Disputes between shareholders or partners
  2. Business or employee fraud
  3. Divorce disputes
  4. Fiduciary concerns

Whether you need assistance in exploring business misconduct or are in the process of a divorce, please call us today at 508-481-1826