Massachusetts Tax Amnesty Program - ends May 31, 2016

Massachusetts Department of Revenue is currently sponsoring a tax amnesty program now through May 31, 2016.   The program waives the penalties associated with late tax payments.  Businesses have the opportunity to file past due returns and under reported taxes.   This program is also available to individuals who have not filed past due income tax returns.

One tax often overlooked by businesses is “use tax”.   When a business makes a purchase from an out of state vendor who does not assess Massachusetts sales tax, the business is supposed to file and pay a use tax on the purchase.  This includes such items as office supplies, office equipment and some software. Only one Amnesty Return submission per Federal ID Number will be allowed.  Therefore, all tax types will be reported on a single Amnesty Return.

The Department of Revenue has set up the following Amnesty Webpage-    They have also set up an Amnesty Hotline at 617-887-6655.

It is important to note that if you pay any outstanding tax without using the Amnesty Return form, you will not be eligible for the penalty waivers.





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